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About Us

Why Clients Choose Us

Professional services are all about personal relationships. Clients have our commitment that we will be accessible and responsive, and they will be important to the firm.

For every engagement, Trinity Accounting Group selects a service team of trained and knowledgeable professionals with experience serving the clients' industry. Each team member is technically competent and has an in-depth knowledge of the clients' industry.

Using up to date technology, Trinity Accounting Group professionals stay at the forefront of accounting, tax and industry issues affecting our clients' interests. These capabilities allow us to ensure clients avoid financial missteps and to take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

We work with clients to develop engagement timetables that meet, if not exceed, expectations. We will provide year-round service, not just year-end contact. Such service is essential for constructive relationships and in identifying and resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Trinity Accounting Group is continually searching for talented accounting professionals to join our young energetic team. Contact us if you are a motivated individual who seeks a challenging career with exposure to a diverse client base and areas of service.

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