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Professional Development

Firm members at Trinity Accounting Group remain at the top of their game because we take continuing professional education (CPE) seriously. More experienced firm members serve as mentors to those newly entering the field to help them advance in their careers. Each firm member's educational and developmental goals are continually monitored by our professional development department. A benchmarking analysis is also offered to each firm member regarding their advancement goals and skills development. Available CPE offerings are updated on a regular basis and include seminars and conferences sponsored by the AICPA, GSCPA, and other professional organizations; self-study courses; published books; articles; in-house seminars; workshops and discussion groups. Most CPE is paid for by the firm. Firm members are given access to online research capabilities and cutting edge accounting and financial software programs. Trinity Accounting Group works to continually meet and exceed client expectations. Our focus on continuing professional education makes this a reality.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Trinity Accounting Group is continually searching for talented accounting professionals to join our young energetic team. Contact us if you are a motivated individual who seeks a challenging career with exposure to a diverse client base and areas of service.

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