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Medical Practices

Medical Practices

Running a successful Healthcare Practice requires planning, hard work and diligent attention to the bottom line. At Trinity Accounting Group, we offer a full range of services aimed specifically at helping both healthcare practices and providers thrive.

While we provide accounting services of all varieties, our specifically tailored programs toward medical practices include:

Assessments of office structure, workflow and internal controls:

Proper organizational structure improves the efficiency of staff; keeps key employees from being overworked; better utilizes underused staff; and protects both assets & information from theft or misuse.

Compensation and Bonus package review and implementation for owners and providers:

Effective distribution of earnings and profits rewards contributions to the practice and minimizes the related tax liability.

Entity organization and assessment for:

Optimal control; minimal liability exposure; maximization of tax benefits for your practice.

Transfer of interest in healthcare practices:

For both buyers and sellers of medical practices we assist with negotiation; valuation; tax consequences; contract development.

Improving financial feedback through benchmarking and budgeting.

Preparation of audited and reviewed financial statements for regulatory or lending entities.

Implementation of best accounting practices in your business office through controls audit and procedures manuals.

Analysis of capital expenditures and debt financing.

Tax advice, planning and compliance regarding issues common to healthcare practices and providers.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Mullis

Trinity Accounting Group is continually searching for talented accounting professionals to join our young energetic team. Contact us if you are a motivated individual who seeks a challenging career with exposure to a diverse client base and areas of service.

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